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Tender, Construction & Detail Drawings

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Sketch and Planning Drawings of buildings by their nature, generally do not require to show much detail on how the building is to be constructed. So as to obtain an accurate cost to build a specific building prior to construction; it is important for a more detailed set of drawings and specification to be created as a follow on from sketch and planning drawings. These drawings and specification can then form part of a Tender Package, which then can be sent out to a Quantity Surveyor for costing purposes and then onto a number of builders for them to quote or Tender on.

Tender Package

A Tender Package often includes:

  • General Arrangement Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations showing dimensions and showing where referenced construction details are taken from.
  • Floor Plans and Site Plan showing Foul and Surface Water Drainage layouts.
  • Floor Plans and Site Plan showing Electrical and Mechanical Layouts.
  • Door Schedules (when required).
  • Window Schedules (when required).
  • Finishes Schedules (when required).
  • Construction Details that are referenced to GA drawings.
  • Working Specification.
  • Various Grants of Permission (Planning, Fire Safety, Disability Access, etc.)
  • Contract Documentation.

CC & Associates have extensive experience in creating and formulating Tender Packages, Construction and Detail Drawings. We offer these services to individuals, Architectural Firms, Engineering Firms and other professionals. Drawings and Documentation can then be provided in paper, AutoCAD and Acrobat format.

Please email drawings of the project to the above email address and a quote will be furnished to you promptly.